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I came across this top coat gloss randomly on TikTok, and decided to purchase. I was skeptical because my nails always smudge when I do them myself, even gel nails when I cure them over and over. I alway have chipping on day two, but so far my nails look amazing and smooth, with no bubbles. I keep checking them anticipating a chip but I’m so pleased. Excited to try out the rest of Ruth’s polishes.


Love this top coat. Easy to apply, dries quickly, leaves a great shine on top of the polish :) everything you’d want!

Hannah Maher Tatar

I felt compelled to write this review immediately upon waking this morning, after a perhaps ill-advised late night manicure. I fully expected my nails to be dented and smudged due to my impatience, but no- woke up to shiny, smooth nails! This truly is a quick drying companion to Ruth’s excellent polishes.

Claire Hueg
So smooth and shiny

I'm a chronic gel manicure picker and was sick of ruining my nails, but I still wanted them to look great. Ruth polish is the perfect polish for a DIY manicure, in large part because this quick gloss makes it sooooo easy to do an at-home smooth, shiny manicure in 20 minutes or less. No more waiting around for your polish to dry so you can go to bed/the gym/dinner

The Best in the Business

Earlier this year I became obsessed with the idea of nail art and bought full kits to try the looks at home. After hours of nail prep, painting and design all I wanted was to get out in the world and showcase my creations! I would be waiting hours + for my nails to dry and occasionally the top coat I was using would mix with the polish creating bubbles or even texture. I googled "best top coats" every day. Tried them. Hated them. I had Eggplant, Silk, Icing and a couple other colors that I loved so I thought I would give this quick gloss a try. It is really the most incredibly top coat. They are not lying when they say it smooths out everything and even with three layers of regular polish, my nails are dry and ready to go in under 3 minutes. I don't understand but I am living for it.